Precision in Research, Excellence in Results

Your Path to Clinical Success Starts with Prime Services CRO

Faster patient recruitment

Using networks of qualified patient pools and prompt follow-up can lead to more successful acquisition and retention of patients than relying on the internal teams.

Improved data management

Prime Services has the technological infrastructure and data handling procedures in place to effectively manage both clinical and regulatory data, reducing the potential delays that can occur in handling research and regulatory data and addressing associated inefficiencies.

Focused Research

A common mistake made by clinical research teams is focusing too much on cleaning data rather than interpreting it, which hinders research team productivity. Prime Services handles the menial labor, research teams have more time to examine crucial data.


Site Selection and Feasibility Assessment

We help sponsors and investigators identify suitable research sites with the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and patient populations. Our team conducts thorough feasibility studies to ensure that the selected sites meet the study requirements and have access to the right patient demographics.

Site Management

Our experienced project managers oversee site activities, ensuring that the trial is conducted efficiently and within protocol. We implement strategies for patient recruitment, using our extensive network to identify eligible participants.

Data Management

We ensure accurate and timely data collection through standardized processes and technology. Our experts handle data entry and validation, ensuring high-quality data for analysis.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

We maintain rigorous quality assurance standards, monitoring site performance and ensuring adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Our team keeps sites up to date with regulatory changes, ensuring that the trial remains in compliance.

Document Archival Services

At Prime Services CRO, we understand the critical importance of meticulous document management in clinical research. Proper archival of study-related documents ensures compliance, facilitates transparency, and supports the integrity of research data. Our Document Archival Services provide comprehensive solutions for securely storing essential documents related to studies, sites, ethics committees, sponsors, and investigators.